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SOLD OUT - Up The Pups Compilation CD

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“Up The Pups” compilation is our favorite hand picked artists in the Hardcore, Punk, and Oi! Scene. These bands offered up a song for free and are donating their song to the comp to raise money for a No Kill Shelter: “For Our Friends” dog rescue. Help us give back to the community and to the Pups. All funds raised go directly to the No Kill Shelter.

Also comes with an Up The Pups Sticker.

01. 2Minute Minor - Up The Pups
02. Antagonizers ATL - Push The Pedal Down
03. Anvil Strike - Try
04. Bad Assets - Bottom Of The Bottle
05. Bare Knuckle Hooligans - Sound The Alarm
06. Battle Royale - Take A Stand
07. Bricktop - Hand That Fed
08. Crime Spree - Sock Full Of Quarters
09. Cross-Check - Drown Your Guilt
10. Decline - Euolgy
11. disappear. - Conveyor
12. Dog Company - For Our Friends
13. Dogs In The Fight - Dogs In The Fight
14. Down To This - Lionshare
15. Drink And Destroy Crew - Billy's Anthem
16. The Hanging Judge - You Wreck Me
17. Hex Bombs - None Shall Be Forgotten
18. The Kreutzer Sonata - Loyalty
19. Mystery Actions - Vicious Circle
20. Negro Terror - Rapist
21. October Bird Of Death - Beckoning Beast
22. Shitizen - Can't Control
23. SHOTS FIRED SHOTS FIRED - Death Of A Bus Driver
24. Some Kind Of Nightmare - Above It All
25. Squared Off - Haymarket Riot
26. Through N Through - Anytime Soon
27. Thug Riot - Cold World
28. TurboVamps - For The Mothers
29. UGLYBoNES - Disguise
30. 2Minute Minor - Smash The Discos

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